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Airline Systems Overview

A Modern, Flexible Reservation System

Take a fresh approach to a complex industry by using a reservation system that will allow you to take control...

Videcom Airline Reservation System

When creating VRS, Videcom engineers didn't start from scratch. They took the 40 years of experience the company has in producing systems for airlines and built a reservation system to meet the requirements of the modern day carrier.

Often, traditional legacy airline systems can be far too cumbersome for the modern airline while a standalone system might not be able to offer the intergration to other systems that is required in the complex world of airline distribution. VRS offers the best of both worlds in providing traditional distribution connectivity built on a modern flexible platform.

Working with the latest technology available for systems development we've crafted a system that takes advantage of the latest innovations while using our expertise and knowledge of a complex industry to stay in tune with all the legacy aspects of airline sales and distribution.

Airline Reservations, Booking and Ticketing System

While most reservation systems provide a few distribution channels, VRS has them all. Modern airlines may prefer Direct Public bookings and Direct Travel Agency bookings. Traditional airlines need Global Distribution Systems and Interline Partners. All airlines need Call Centre bookings. We provide them all to any of our airline customers. Put this together with our 3rd party XML API and you can reach all the customers you need to.

Airline Inventory Hosting and Services

The Videcom Reservation System is a service provided to our customers for full Airline Inventory Hosting controlling all aspects of passenger processing within your business. Fully implemented and supported by our skilled engineers we provide you with a dedicated system hosted within our specially designed technology center where you'll be connected to the world of airline distribution.

A Business System for your Airline

A dedicated system for you
When you partner with Videcom for the business system at your airline we provide a dedicated system just for you, providing complete control of all data and configuration just the way you need it. Our off the shelf product immediately provides you with state of the art functionality which can be crafted to meet bespoke requirements within your market sector.

Read more about Airline Business Systems here...

System Architecture


A System Designed for Flexibility and Scale

VRS is designed for high availability, with an architecture scaleable for any airline. For high volume, mission-critical production environments, transaction loads are distributed across multiple entry points to ensure uninterrupted service to your users.

Read more about VRS system architecture here...



Modern Communications - Cost Effective and Fast
No need for any more of those slow and costly dedicated communication lines that have held airlines back for years.

The Videcom Reservation System can be entirely run across standard internet access providing low running costs and rapid implementation. Direct TCP/IP connections or VPN's provide access to your users worldwide without the need to specially dedicated links. Wireless connections provide you with the ability to innovate in areas such as kerbside check-in and tablet access.

Videcom do also have legacy connections to other systems where those 3rd party systems dictate.

Read more about System Communications here...

Airline Communications


Our core applications and built within the .NET framework which provides security, memory management and exceptional handling.

Videcom system Web interfaces are developed within the ASP.NET web application framework providing dynamic booking engines and applications.

Microsoft SQL Database

VRS is built on Microsoft SQL Server providing enterprise technology, high levels of performance, availability and security.

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Flexible Configuration

Fine Tuned To Match Your Business

VRS was first introduced to the market over a decade ago. Since then hundreds of new features and capabilities have been added to provide an rich product used by airlines worldwide. Pick and choose from traditional airline functions and innovative powerful tools to enable your users the freedom they need.

99 levels of security allows you to empower trusted users with high level functions while locking down those who need restricting. We'll show you how to adapt this powerful engine to get the most out of your sales force.

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Flexible Technology


Database Management

To ensure your date is safe, we provide a fully managed service which includes data and system hosting at our secure facility for airline systems. You'll be amoung the dozens of other airlines hosted at Videcom and looked after by our technical staff. Its like having your own team of experts at hand whenever its required.

Our highly experienced team take pride in monitoring, administration and maintenance of the database environment for your enterprise.

If you have in house IT staff you can have data shipped to yoru site to enable additional data management and reporting capabilities. We also provide you with an interface that allows your authorized experts to custom build reports from the system in real time.

Read more about Database Management... 

Fully Integrated Data Source

One Database. Real Time Processing. Simple.

Everyone gets to see the same data in real time. By using a single database for reservations, check-in, reporting, inventory control and management functions everyone is on the same sheet. This not only means that users are looking at the whole picture in real time is reduces duplicated work and discrepancies.

Read more about the Central Database here...

Integrated Data Source


System Integration

System Integration 

Since 1972, Videcom have been integrating airline systems bringing together sub systems to provide enterprise solutions.

Global Distribution.
As you would expect, VRS is fully integrated with all major Global Distribution Systems. With real time interactive availability, sales and IATA BSP Eticketing. We work alongside all the major distribution networks such as Amadeus, Sabre, Worldspan, Galileo, Apollo, Abacus & Sirena. You choose which GDS best suits your markets and we'll do the rest.

Departure Control Systems
Use our fully integrated DCS at your local airports, or connect with a 3rd party handling agent at your out stations. Either way VRS provides seamless passenger processing at all your airports.


Revenue Management
VRS provides extensive revenue reporting capabilities enabling your yield management teams to analyse revenues flight by flight, across days, weeks and months. Drill down from management overviews to optimize individual flights and classes. VRS can also be integrated with external Revenue Management system to optimize yield on flights. Data is exported nightly to your choosen provider and receives updates to inventory levels.


Revenue Accounting
Flexible export mechanisms allow us to cutom build data files to provide automated transfer of sales data to your revenue accounting system. We have dozens of different formats already built in that can eiether be used off the shelf to most RA systems or can be adapted to suite yoru needs. BSP HOT files are a standard element delivered with our system.

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IATA Standards


VRS has a built in IATA compliant eticketing database connected to all the major GDS systems and other airline eticketing databases. This allows you to connect immediately to all the systems you want to interactive for ticket sales through travel agents (Eticket) and interline eticketing (IET).

Schedule Messaging
Keep your partner systems up to date with IATA standard SSM messages so that any changes you make to your flight schedules are mirrored in GDS, operational and other airline systems.

Departure Control
We send thousands of IATA standard PNL's and ADL's to 3rd party DCS systems everyday.

Revenue Accounting
Already built in and off the shelf to all our customers are IATA BSP HOT files for the export of sales and ticketing data to 3rd party revenue accounting systems.

Read more about IATA Compliance here...



Customer Relationship Management


With VRS you'll do more than just take bookings. All customer and booking data is stored in the single source database providing powerful information at your fingertips. VRS tools enable Sales, Marketing, Management and Operation workforces the ability to communicate with your customer base and maximize revenues.

Management Reporting
Hundreds of reports within the system allows data to be retrieve based on an endless number of variables. Use the off the shelf reports that come with the system or create bespoke customized reports especially for your business.

Customer Profiles
VRS comes with the new easy-to-use customer profile scheme for airline passengers. The online module allows regular customers to create a profile on your website to store information and build a profile that includes all their personal information thats used to create bookings. Call Center staff can rapidly access the profiles searching for repeat customers and greatly reducing the time required to add data to bookings such as contact details.

Frequent Flyer
A built in fully integrated Frequent Flyer module allows your passengers to earn reward points or miles that can be redeemed against further purchases. Integrated with both the customer profile scheme and the core reservation system this powerful loyalty program is off the shelf with the VRS platform.

SMS Module
Use SMS engines to communicate with yoru customer base powered by VRS technology.

Email Module
Use the built in email engine to create email campaigns to selected passengers

Read more about Customer Relationship Management here...

System Security

Designed to be Safe & Secure
VRS gives your business an effective way to secure mission-critical data in our purpose built hosting facility. Our team take care of all housekeeping tasks for your system using the latest tools for updates and protecting your data.

Security Features:

  • Access to all areas of the system is protected by the sign in code of the user.
  • Passwords can be enabled in all areas of the system.
  • Sessions time out within 20 minutes of inactivity
  • Based on the security level of the user, areas are protected by higher levels of security.
  • All transactions are logged providing a full audit trail.
  • 24 x 7 Monitored Support - All systems are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure that any faults are rectified immediately.
  • Connections - To ensure that all TCP/IP connections are maintained, Videcom provide High Speed Duplex land lines for access to systems.
  • 24 x 7 Uninterrupted Power Supply - In the case of external power failures the hosting site is equipped with standalone uninterrupted power supplies.
  • Dedicated Airline Systems - Each system provided is dedicated to a specific airline to ensure all data is segregated.
  • Multiple Firewall Protection - The hosting center is protected by multiple firewalls.
  • Offsite Data Storage - As well as daily backup of the systems, data is also stored off site to ensure any failures are fully recoverable.

Read more about our System Security here...


Cost Effective Solutions


Low Implementation Cost
No high start up costs. No high license fee. No high 3rd party costs. We've created a system that is easy and fast to provide using industry standard technology to provide you a system at a cost that won't break the bank.

Lower Communication Costs
No need for those expensive and slow dedicated leased lines anymore. With VRS all communications are via standard Internet comminucations giving you the freedom to connect users from any part of the world with very low costs.

Low Cost of Ownership
With VRS there are no high monthly costs

Read more about our Cost Effective Solutions here...


Project Management and Implementation


Project management approach


Prior to the commencement of the project, both teams will establish and agree the key objectives for each specific area of development and implementation. These include:


  • Specification and scope of the project and sub projects
  • Time/resource required to deliver the core system and modules which may require enhancements
  • Cost responsibilities to the airlines and possible deviation costs if the specification/scope changes


Read more about our Project Management here...




Airline Business System

A system that allows your business to grow without contraints while retaining full control in all areas...

Find out more about how Videcom will improve business at your airline...

System Architecture

A flexible architecture providing scaleablity to airlines

Read more about our system architecture...


You can access the reservation system from anywhere, all you need is a standard internet connection...

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System Integration

GDS, Interline, Departure Control, Revenue Accounting, Revenue Managment, Credit Card Proccessing...


A fully integrated


A totally flexible system...


Find out about
how flexible we
can be...

Database Management

By designing our products around a modern Microsoft Database there are no limits to what you can do...

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Single Source of Data

All areas of the system are connected to a single source of data in real time so everyone is in sync...


Real time data...

IATA Compliant

Our system follows the traditional protocols set out by IATA...


IATA compliant...

Customer Relations

The tools you need to keep in touch with your passengers...


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System Security

Providing you peace of mind that your data is safe and secure


System security for
your airline...

Cost Effective



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