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Airline Reservation System

See an overview of the core system that drives all areas within the airline system

System Management

Powerfull administration features within the system

Distributions Channels

Public Internet Sales. Global Distribution Systems. Direct Travel Agent Connections. Call Center. Ticket Office. Interline. Codeshare. XML API's. What more could you want from an airline reservation system?

Departure Control System

Airport operations are a fast and efficient using the Videcom DCS

Every distribution channel you need.

Public Internet Sales. Global Distribution Systems. Direct Travel Agent Connections. Call Center. Ticket Office. Interline. Codeshare. XML API's. What more could you want from an airline reservation system?


Internet Booking Engine

The videcom internet booking engine allows for a flexible configuration to suit your airline


Direct Travel Agency Interface

Provide direct access to your travel agencies and reduce your airlines distribution costs


Airline Call Center  Bookings

Feature rich graphical user interfaces for your call center to reduce training times


Global Distribution Systems

Connect to the world networks of travel agencies to increase your dictribution


Bi-Lateral Interline  Bookings

Form interline partnerships with other airlines to provide improved service to yoru passengers


IATA Codeshare  Interface

Increase your network without increasing your schedule through codeshare agreements with other airlines


XML API for 3rd parties 

Provide access to your flight inventory to third parties using our modern XML interfaces

Videcom Airline Distribution

Videcom provide airlines with all channels of distribution required to maximize sales from direct public bookings using the internet booking engine, direct travel agency bookings via the agents web protal to GDS and interline sales connecting to other airlines reservation systems via IATA Interline Eticketing (IET).

Direct Distribution

Direct distribution allows customers to come directly to your reservation system to book flights providing you with a direct relationship with the public, travel agents and corporate customers. The 2 advantages of a direct relationship are firstly that you have more control over the way you market and sell your products to the end customer, and secondly you can reduce your distribution costs by cutting out 3rd party charges.


3rd Party Distribution

In an ideal world you would drive all your bookings directly into the reservation system to minimize your costs, however, to ensure you are reaching a worldwide market to maximize sales it is likely that you will need to distribute your seat sales through Global Distribution Systems (GDS), Interline sales through other airlines and 3rd party affiliate schemes. To do that you need an airline reservation system that is both flexible and connected to these traditional legacy systems using IATA standard interfaces. 


Airline Call Center

Videcom provide both legacy command line interfaces as well as a full graphical interface giving the best of both worlds. Many experienced airlines staff prefer the speed and simplicity of command line interfaces, while other users prefer to use our state of the art graphical interface which requires only minimal training.

Read more about our Airline Call Center Interface



Direct Public Internet Booking Engine


Usually access via the airlines promotional website the public internet booking engine allows any customer to make a booking directly with the airline.

Providing a very easy to use booking process the web pages guide the customer through the booking from requesting journeys with the passenger types required, selecting flights, and making payments online.

The interface is customisable to each airlines own preferences using the same look and feel, and to provide a consistent corporate image to the customer  in a seamless transaction. 

Read more about our Public Internet Booking Engine

Direct Travel Agent Web Portal

The travel agency booking engine is a booking channel that allows the airline to give direct access for travel agents to be able to make and change bookings. The airline defines each travel agents profile in the system, limiting them to functions for that agent so each travel agent user can have a different set of limitation based on the relationship with the airline.

Because the booking is direct with the airline (i.e. not through the GDS or BSP) then the airline is responsible for collecting the settlement of the tickets. Therefore a credit limit is usually set up allowing the agent to book to a certain limit before a remittance is required to readjust the credit limit. Agents with a good relationship with the airline may be given a higher limit while unknown agents might be asked by the airline to lodge money before access is given to the system.

The major appeal of this booking channel is to avoid the costly GDS and BSP fees and to have a closer relationship with the agents who book regularly with the airline.

Read more about our Direct Travel Agency Booking Engine

Global Distribution Systems

Videcom supports the highest level of participation and connectivity to Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan and Abacus the worldwide distribution systems that the majority of travel agents use. As an airline you must identify which are the most important GDS systems in your market as the presence of each of the systems within travel agent varies from market to market but it is probably that you will require 2 or 3 connections to the above systems.

Read more about Global Distribution Systems

Interline and Codeshare

Interline bookings are very similar to GDS bookings as they use the same technology to communicate between ystems. For one airline to be able to book on another airline the 2 airline reservation/inventory systems must be connected in the same way that a GDS system would connect to an airline reservation system.

Read more about Interline Bookings

3rd Party XML API

With an ever increasing number of internet users in all markets and an expanding range of travel portals the need to drive traffic towards your reservations platform means providing 3rd parties with industry standard interfaces to access your content. We provide you with an XML API which allows these 3rd parties the flexibility to request a vast variety of data under your control.

You might want to just allow them to find flight availability or prices, or provide them with full content and allow them to book all the way though to a completed and ticketed rservation.

Read more about our XML API Interface


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