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airline reservation system - an overview of the system including the architecture, communications and third party interfaces to other systems.
airline back office systems - explains the core system where the system is configured to each particular airline, the flight schedules where inventory data is stored, fares, agents, sales office administration and general day to day administration functions are carried out.
booking interfaces - multiple interfaces are available with the system to provide the most suitable method of booking for airline staff, travel agents and direct to the public.
frequent flyer module - a frequent flyer module is available with the system which allows passengers to enrol in an FQTV scheme and pay for flights with air miles.
integrated DCS module - for airport check-in, a Departure Control System is integrated with the system to allow rapid and accurate passenger processing with real time data.
hotel inventory module - for airlines who wish to sell hotel accommodation as part of the booking, the hotel module allows hotels to be configured in the system with allocated inventory.
3rd Party Legacy Host Web Interfaces - internet booking engines which interface to any host mainframe system.


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